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Top rated Kiev escorts lady We sat, talked. And here Cyril has unexpectedly risen and has gone. And I have seen, how it too goes in a toilet direction. That was further, I heard. Kiev escorts lady already on a toilet threshold, and it after to it shouts: — I hate you!! ! She has turned back and left a toilet. It: — Why? It: — I simply hate you! Because I waited, while you will rise and leave in a toilet, and all of you sat and sat, in any way did not leave. And when I any more have not sustained and have risen to go to a toilet most, you have risen together with me!

It so was fond of conversation that after has left to it Kiev escorts phone, has forgotten that it went to a toilet both has returned to Kiev escorts friends and has told it about that was. The most important that your acquaintance was prevented by strangers, therefore it is necessary to wait, while the girl will rise because of a table. But when near to it there are men, no basic hindrances in acquaintance, it is possible to apply other variants. Today, when I write these lines, Cyril just realised one of variants in which I trained it.

We have come into restaurant, round us there were many Kiev escorts female little tables. Have sat down. Cyril already so bore that it automatically approached to everything because has executed successfully exercise on a rule of automatism which I have described in the book beginning. It has sat down by girls behind the next little table. It: — Kiev escorts girls, you can get acquainted with that guy now. BUT! You can make everything, everything, but the only thing that you cannot make with it, it to oversleep. Therefore think at first, whether it is necessary for you: to communicate with the guy, knowing that you cannot oversleep with it. He has told it and there and then from them for our little table. I sat and saw that four Kiev escorts women have stared directly at me. In 5 minutes it has again sat down by Kiev escorts girls. — well, you have solved, whether you want they be to communicate with it, knowing, what you cannot oversleep with it? They: — And why we cannot oversleep with it. Here the Kiev escorts female logic: if GIVE, NOT LADIES and if it is impossible, WHY? Rough dialogue has begun. The next little tables were connected. I went and with anybody did not communicate.