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Hot escort in Ukraine models Cyril so that processed some little tables simultaneously. I hardly had time to correct its actions by simple helps: «look in the face more, touch is more often. And etc.»

The resume:
1. If the escort in Ukraine girl sits in the company, wait, when it will appear one, leave behind it in a toilet.
2. If some escort in Ukraine girls behind little tables — play. Approach, throw a fishing tackle and depart. If they are not adjusted on game, hammer and find the following.
3. Having acquainted some little tables with each other, you become the leader. Use it in the purposes! HOW CORRECTLY to TAKE PHONE NUMBER. The BASIC RECEPTIONS Are the certain rules which have been turned out by practice. These magic rules increase efficiency Seducing.

1. Never ask from it phone. You the man, you take.
2. Never apologise before it that you take from it phone.
3. When you take escort in Ukraine phone, the first your action — get phone or find the handle with a piece of paper. You can ask for it. If she asks: “What for”, tell «it is necessary! Now you learn». When it will get a piece of paper and the handle from a handbag, tell: «What mobile phone at you? I will show you focus». You write down it on a piece of paper and you fill the pocket. «Here and all focus, now at me is your mobile phone.

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Busty and sexy Kiev escorts woman Lobes of ears, a nose and chin tip became covered by is gentle-pink powder that the Kiev escorts lady skin looked more young and fresh. Especially a lot of powder left on covering with it of improbable height a wig. Tattoo, piercing and other receptions of an ornament Except ways of a traditional make-up, exist receptions of brighter, extreme ornament of external shape. It is a question about tattoo, piercing, pastes, Kiev escorts body – art it is, etc. clear that similar experiments with the appearance are intended only for the most courageous, vanguard women, aspiring to involve in itself special attention. And though such things thanking their shocking effect look, certainly, sexy, I will remind that such receptions of an ornament of the busty and sexy Kiev escorts woman and a Kiev escorts body are perceived by the majority of people (which, as it is known, it is adjusted conservatively) negatively. Therefore apply a similar decor if you rotate in such environment where people adhere to so free sights and with interest concerns all new. Otherwise it can bring to you of more efforts, than pleasure. Tattoo is not that other, as a Kiev escorts tattoo. If it is tiny and artly executed, it can look rather sexy Kiev escorts. An essential lack of a tattoo is that it cannot be removed. Youth passes, with it the aspiration to shocking leaves also. Therefore the artificial tattoo is more preferable: time, easily leaving, made by a principle of transfers. Similar "tattoo" is good that it does not differ almost by the form from the present. read more →

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Outcall service Kiev escort lady Do you Drink constantly mineral water? – Yes 1, whether is not present 0 you Adhere to a strict diet that your weight remained in norm? – Yes 0, whether is not present 1 you few times in a year change service Kiev escort lady style of a make-up? – Yes 1, there are no 0 you use constantly good spirits? – Yes 1, whether is not present 0 there is at you a habit to gnaw round nails? – Yes 0, whether is not Kiev escort present 1 you do a pedicure as often, how manicure? – Yes 1, whether is not present 0 you use a special cream for eyelids? – Yes 1, is not present 0 what do you think of extravagant novelties in a make-up? In my opinion, it approaches Kiev escort young women – 1 Such things well look only on models – 1 These novelties are pleasant to me, if they are executed with taste – 3 Tonight at you"issue"is planned. What is the time you need to make a make-up? Five minutes – 1 About an hour – 2 About twenty-thirty minutes – 3 you have once made up eyelashes. Then you cover with their second layer. What for? So ink will be better to keep – 2 That eyelashes looked Kiev escort longer and effective – 3 That the sight was softer – read more →