Hot escort in Ukraine models

Hot escort in Ukraine models Cyril so that processed some little tables simultaneously. I hardly had time to correct its actions by simple helps: «look in the face more, touch is more often. And etc.»

The resume:
1. If the escort in Ukraine girl sits in the company, wait, when it will appear one, leave behind it in a toilet.
2. If some escort in Ukraine girls behind little tables — play. Approach, throw a fishing tackle and depart. If they are not adjusted on game, hammer and find the following.
3. Having acquainted some little tables with each other, you become the leader. Use it in the purposes! HOW CORRECTLY to TAKE PHONE NUMBER. The BASIC RECEPTIONS Are the certain rules which have been turned out by practice. These magic rules increase efficiency Seducing.

1. Never ask from it phone. You the man, you take.
2. Never apologise before it that you take from it phone.
3. When you take escort in Ukraine phone, the first your action — get phone or find the handle with a piece of paper. You can ask for it. If she asks: “What for”, tell «it is necessary! Now you learn». When it will get a piece of paper and the handle from a handbag, tell: «What mobile phone at you? I will show you focus». You write down it on a piece of paper and you fill the pocket. «Here and all focus, now at me is your mobile phone.

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Independent escort in Ukraine female

Independent escort in Ukraine female If you think that she will tell it only because it should make it as it on work and is its duty you very strongly are mistaken! In most cases works its escort in Ukraine female curiosity. Personally me you will not deceive, I always see, natural it or strummed. Also I will tell so: if you do all correctly its curiosity to you will be natural more often. And she will want actually continuation of relations with you, feeling that it was pleasant to you. And here she listens to you, has spread wide ears, and in pressure waits that you will tell.

Why in pressure? Escort in Ukraine girl is afraid that now you will be or to offer the indecent. For example, at once you will suggest to meet. She will be upset, because it is necessary to you to refuse. Though actually she very much would like to meet you. But the obvious offer here is inappropriate. What to speak? Simple idle talk with an element of interest in it will help communications. This time we with Cyril in three cases did all on my old developed template.

I look artfully at the waitress and after a phrase about that rest is necessary to it, I speak: «Tell, how you have usually a rest? How you have a rest with the escort in Ukraine woman? With the beloved if such is at you?» This phrase you kill three hares: read more →

Oral sex from escort in Kiev agency woman

Oral sex from escort in Kiev agency woman But happens so: it is already ready, and you brake or do not notice it. Or you think that it is yet ready. Therefore to learn to take phone at any right moment much more effectively. (On a fig on its readiness!) also be not engaged in thin calculations. All the same it will turn out nothing. Is standard to take phone on peak of emotions escort in Kiev lady. And many try to calculate this peak. It is not obligatory. Take, when you want! From conversation with Garaldom: «the Student: — What most effective way to take phone at the escort in Kiev girl? — GIVE phone.

The student: — And all? — Yes, works always!» You want to learn % th effective way to type a heap of phones for training? It is simple: you go along the street, you approach to escort in Kiev girls. Practically “to all attractive. And to everyone you speak same. — greetings. You can help me? You local? Where here it is possible to appoint appointment to the girl, if I not local, and it local? I want, that it was pleasant to us to spend time with it there where usually girls feel well. She will answer, recognising that it is pleasant to it. — it is good. And you will not have phone? read more →

Lovely Kiev escorts service woman

Lovely Kiev escorts service woman Transition from the frame “client-working Kiev escorts woman” in “person-person” to prove from the good party and at once to approach with the waitress so that she has felt that you communicate with it much more pathetically, than other Kiev escorts clients, ask it a question of personal character, for example, about state of health, or start the conversation distracted from work which can interest her personally. For example: «As it is worked today?» Or «Excuse, you were similar tired. You need to have a rest…».

«Today was people much, it was absolutely run?» It it on dialogue «the Kiev escorts girl — the guy», instead of “client-client” at once adjusts. The main thing — really like, really UNDERSTAND It!!! Because, when you will tell it sincerely, humanly, only then it will estimate your questions. Then initiate dialogue: «Excuse, what I distract you, you are now strongly occupied?» Or «I want to talk, ask with you you which on what!» Operate on a situation.

The main thing, remember: since “YOU”, you approach with the Kiev escorts girl! If “YOU” speak, erect a kilometre barrier. The purpose of questions. to give to it a signal: you the person to whom it is possible to talk if is for this time. Among waitresses it is a lot of women who are hungry and deprived by serious man’s attention. read more →

Contact escort in Ukraine service model

Contact escort in Ukraine service model She would like to be with me, instead of with the man. But attachment and, maybe, feelings to it yet do not release it. I: — I from the Moon! It (laughing): — Yes you that! — we on the Moon have lunar tea clubs. And we on the Moon with escort in Ukraine girls go to these tea clubs when we want to stay together. And, if the escort in Ukraine girl is pleasant to me, I take it for the handle and I speak: «I invite you to descend with me in tea club» .
I see that she has imagined all it. She thirsts to enter into this landscape.
I continue: — Tell, and if I have invited you in tea escort in Ukraine club, you would agree to go? Look! If I tell: «Have gone, we descend in tea club», she can answer: «Is not present» . And here a phrase such — I offered nothing to it. But if has offered?

If escort in Ukraine lady tells:”No”, I lose nothing. But, most likely, she admits: «YES!» I see it! It: — Yes, would agree!. The usual guy would tell: «it is excellent, I invite you» But my position — artful:) I: — it is good. I have told, and have nodded to it so that she has understood: I will make it, but not now and not at these people. I have looked at it as if at us at a small secret. (Eh, is a pity, it is impossible to transfer much words, but I will try very much.) Then I, having set the necessary rate of conversation, has stopped, and Cyril has given to the waitress some compliments. Everything, at it already — a correct spirit. And it will go now anywhere with any of us. It has gone to escort in Ukraine work. read more →