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Outcall service Kiev escort lady Do you Drink constantly mineral water? – Yes 1, whether is not present 0 you Adhere to a strict diet that your weight remained in norm? – Yes 0, whether is not present 1 you few times in a year change service Kiev escort lady style of a make-up? – Yes 1, there are no 0 you use constantly good spirits? – Yes 1, whether is not present 0 there is at you a habit to gnaw round nails? – Yes 0, whether is not Kiev escort present 1 you do a pedicure as often, how manicure? – Yes 1, whether is not present 0 you use a special cream for eyelids? – Yes 1, is not present 0 what do you think of extravagant novelties in a make-up? In my opinion, it approaches Kiev escort young women – 1 Such things well look only on models – 1 These novelties are pleasant to me, if they are executed with taste – 3 Tonight at you"issue"is planned. What is the time you need to make a make-up? Five minutes – 1 About an hour – 2 About twenty-thirty minutes – 3 you have once made up eyelashes. Then you cover with their second layer. What for? So ink will be better to keep – 2 That eyelashes looked Kiev escort longer and effective – 3 That the sight was softer – 1 Considerable quantity of the mineral water drunk during the day, operates on you: not so well, and hardly it is useful – 0 Improves state of health, and the Kiev escort skin from it becomes better – 3 In any way does not operate, after all I do not drink a superfluous liquid, I have enough coffee, tea, soup – 0 As you could characterise the external shape? Very much even it is quite good, though there is no limit to perfection – 3 I never am pleasant to myself – 1 Some well-groomed ladies even without a make-up look better, than I after a campaign in Kiev escort beauty salon – 1 That you think of the food? Character of a food in general is very important for appearance – 0 Especially I do not reflect, until I start to type weight – 3 I recognise only those dishes which are pleasant to me – 1 RESULTS of the TEST From 0 to 14 points you consider that you should it is pleasant to people such what is. Your way, «naturalness is better!» . Thus you wrongly believe that dirty hair, a brilliant nose and not well-groomed skin at all do not disturb to your Kiev escort natural charm. It is not excluded that at such approach you once risk to hear from somebody from associates that if you want to be pleasant to handsome men to you would not prevent to watch itself more! From 15 to 24 points you are in a captivity of the erroneous statement that «beautiful it is necessary to be born», and if it not so then no shifts will help. The rich assortment of cosmetic means is, of course, familiar to you, however you are interested in them more theoretically. First, you consider yourselves too occupied, and secondly (and this main thing!) You do not believe that regular efforts on personal care can bear appreciable fruits. It is vain! If you change the point of view and will start to put the theoretical knowledge into practice soon will hear many compliments from associates, in particular, from men. From 25 to 34 points you perfectly know that it is necessary to do perfectly to look.