Contact escort in Ukraine service model

Contact escort in Ukraine service model She would like to be with me, instead of with the man. But attachment and, maybe, feelings to it yet do not release it. I: — I from the Moon! It (laughing): — Yes you that! — we on the Moon have lunar tea clubs. And we on the Moon with escort in Ukraine girls go to these tea clubs when we want to stay together. And, if the escort in Ukraine girl is pleasant to me, I take it for the handle and I speak: «I invite you to descend with me in tea club» .
I see that she has imagined all it. She thirsts to enter into this landscape.
I continue: — Tell, and if I have invited you in tea escort in Ukraine club, you would agree to go? Look! If I tell: «Have gone, we descend in tea club», she can answer: «Is not present» . And here a phrase such — I offered nothing to it. But if has offered?

If escort in Ukraine lady tells:”No”, I lose nothing. But, most likely, she admits: «YES!» I see it! It: — Yes, would agree!. The usual guy would tell: «it is excellent, I invite you» But my position — artful:) I: — it is good. I have told, and have nodded to it so that she has understood: I will make it, but not now and not at these people. I have looked at it as if at us at a small secret. (Eh, is a pity, it is impossible to transfer much words, but I will try very much.) Then I, having set the necessary rate of conversation, has stopped, and Cyril has given to the waitress some compliments. Everything, at it already — a correct spirit. And it will go now anywhere with any of us. It has gone to escort in Ukraine work. My purpose was: to untwist Cyril on actions. That he has believed that it is possible — to remove any waitress. Cyril has asked me: — Lesli how to take phone from it? Here I want to take from it phone now. Anything, what you have offered it? I: — Yes anything terrible. I have offered it, but the one who declares on her the right to possess her wins the escort in Ukraine woman only! Therefore if you now make it, she will decide that it will be yours. And to change this decision it is possible still many times. Cyril: — That to me to do? How it is correct? Here it goes, to tell: «Give phone» ? I: • — Is not present, it is not so effective strategy. As here the chamber, and besides it will be inconvenient to it to give you phone when we look.